Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just had a terrific workout. Three miles on the bike, three on the treadmill, and some chest and triceps work. Feel like my hemoglobin may be back up to where it should be considering all the epo I'm getting right now. While I did run and work out the past two weeks, just felt like it was dragging a bit. I can tell by the nature of my workouts, where my hemoglobin numbers are relative to the "normal" they aim for with my epo and dialysis regimen. Right now its probably around 10.5, a little below the target of 11.0 but still OK.

I continue to do my part with good eating (my renal diet restrictions), sensible fluid intake, vitamins, taking my other drugs every day, and all in all, taking life in stride. It all ends up in the same place so I try not to worry about any of it. For now I am doing well and satisfied with the now. Time to fold the piles of clean clothes I've done the past few days.

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