Saturday, April 16, 2011

Its Saturday, time to get caught up on cleaning, get a good run in today (5-7 miles), do some reading, and have dinner with a friend tonight if all goes as planned. Sometimes its does , sometimes not. More realistically its a question of how smoothly one thing flows into the next. Had and easy week of dialysis, and was able to catch up with the my Transplant team people in Cleveland this week. I like to call every six months or so to make sure all they need is there and everything is up to date in case I get the call. It has been about six and one half years and the I know that a "perfect match" is really the only thing I am waiting for. Since I've had two prior transplants in my lifetime, and subsequently rejected those organs, its is not simply a question of the right genetic match, (which many persons who have tested as potential donors are, such as my sister and my wife), its also needs to be of a special mix that my body will not immediately recognize it as a foreign body and mount an attack upon it and therefore reject it, regardless of its "matchability".

So I continue to do the dialysis thing, which really is nothing more than a tiring inconvenience, but otherwise a blessing that keeps me alive and active. More on the dialysis life some other time. Its a participatory event, not as passive as many believe it to be. Have a good one today...breathe it in.

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