Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ended Friday with a good run, even though all week I have felt a bit burned out. I think my hemoglobin may be a little on the low side, and my muscles have been sore too. Pushing myself this week with weight training, and then cleaning out the garage stretched it all out. My overall health is really good right now, and I do not feel any leftover effects from the pneumonia a couple of months ago. It is really normal to feel some effects a long time after even a "minor" pneumonia.

Besides the blood pressure medications I take every day, this past year or so I have developed, with my doctors guidance, several vitamins and supplements for other needs. Included are D3, helps with calcium and phosphorous and balance and mood stuff, niacin for cardiovascular health as well as Fish Oil, a B complex for energy, and Zinc.

As a dialysis patient, with no kidneys, therefore no kidney function, supplementation of dietary needs becomes important for overall health, especially for me with the increased activity levels I demand on my body with my running, cycling, and just my normal schedule with the family.

The weather here in the Midwest, (Northwest Ohio) has been horrible this spring, and we are just waiting for a normal temperature to start enjoying the outside on a day to day basis. Hopefully that corner has been turned.

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