Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time again for apologies, but don't feel there are any hard and fast rules on when and how I should post on my own blog. However, I do feel a sense of "courtesy" should force upon me the necessity of posting more often than I do.

I am currently well. Just went through treatment for a "staph" infection. The precautions make it far more serious than my actual suffering was. Im home from the hospital and back to my regular schedule of kids, cleaning, running, and loving; wife kids cats. I have really tried recently to shake it all up with some new goals in the short and long term. I do, and can readily admit, that I have a hard time with staying put in my life and routines. I have learned and worked a great deal on the focus of what is and what I can and do have control over... which is in fact almost nothing, except for my response to things. It can and is freeing.

I came out of the hospital the other day to the same from my precious kitten who just came home from being spayed. We are a pair. She and i seemed to feel the bond of "just glad to be home".

Home is a good thing and a place where you can rest it all away.