Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have strep throat, sore all over, but my monthly numbers are good, and as infections go, this one is small time. It has made me feel a little down, physically, but thats the deal. It has become full blown summer here and its is hot, hot, hot. Easy, if I want to sweat out any excesses in fluids that I may wish to partake in. An hour in the weather today, running or biking, would lose an easy couple of kilos of water. Im here writing contemplating that fact right now. I will do something just not sure what. Like I said feeling a little on the slow side with my strep issue. Last Friday, after a normal dialysis, and hour of being home, dozing off like I usually do, a sudden and overwhelming fever and accompanying aches and pains washed ashore on my body. I do not have the luxury of others who develop these symptoms who just take some fever reducer and "ride it out". Anything can be something coming on to be the heavy duty something or other, like a dangerous bacterial infection, or pnemonia. Any of which means long term care in the hospital, and a non-pleasant break from my life.

I've, of course, become normalized to this "schedule" I have experienced for my own body. I have become sensitive to all that my body does, and feels, for different things. Used to to the up, the down, and the different, so that I can stay on top of whatever needs to be done.