Monday, October 4, 2010

I have been not feeling the very best lately, not sick, but not feeling as energetic as I had for most of the summer. I know that working as i have been is stretching me out a bit from what I was used to, but still, wish I wasn't quite as tired. Friday afternoon, before dialysis, I did a three mile run and felt like my hemoglobin was "bottomed out", somewhere around 8-9. I do have an uncanny ability to call my hemoglobin within a tenth of a point. From knowing what it is from month to month and then being aware of the number relating to my running and how it feels (breathing, performance, etc.) I have been able to tell how it runs. With that in mind Friday's run really sucked. It was hard, and never really got any point where the pace was easy or not hard. So I felt, and then asked my nursing staff at innovative dialysis to tell me my most recent numbers. It was higher that I had thought it would have been, but it had been dropping from a high point three weeks earlier. Epo had already been bumped up to counter this and due to this adjustment, or just good dialysis, more careful diet and a placebo effect, I then had two very good runs over the weekend. A very fast three miler on Saturday, and a strong five miles on Sunday. 

Busy weekend like usual, with the added bonus that friday night on our way out the door to go to a football game, one of the kids, who have denied any wrongdoing, flushed the toilet wrong causing it to run and overflow for the entire time we were out. Flooded bathroom and a new waterway created in the basement. Cleaning it up was a lot of fun. 

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