Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday morning, at work and realized I need to add to the blog. I ran into someone who recognized me from dialysis and told me that there relative had just started recently at the unit. She explained, quickly, that she and her family were worried about him for some reasons. I was able to explain a few things to her about what was going on and that such and such was normal with blood pressures and being sick during and after treatment, especially when one is in the first few months of the process. She felt a little better knowing this. This interaction just confirmed why I'm doing this blog and what is important for patients, young or old, rookies or veterans, knowing things makes things better. Better health, better peace of mind, and better quality of life, for the patients and their families. The knowledge of what is happening to you, and why things are happening in a certain way doesn't always make you actually feel better physically, but I truly believe that is to shortly follow. When one is given the tools of knowing, they can feel more secure in moving forward with their day to day lives without crippling fear and depression about the situation. That can only add to a better overall health situation. Better state of mind, better state of affairs. My experiences have always, I mean always bore this to be true. 

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