Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its Thursday. A day off, no work, and no dialysis, I'm in a dream. Oh by the way its sunny, seventy, and a perfect fall day.  Can not wait to get out and run at Ottawa Park. My favorite run, and on a fall day like this, somewhat otherworldly. Heaven like. Yesterday had my monthly blood work drawn at dialysis and want to know if all is well. It keeps me honest on my eating and everything else to see my numbers are OK, also I'm competitive with myself to try to have the best labs every month that I can. As I discussed a couple of entries ago I also want to see where my hemoglobin is. No single lab number is more real and relevant to my day to day feeling and level of activity. 

Besides the new patient I spoke of yesterday, I've noticed some other new faces, and the fact that some other faces are not there. I'll update on this later with more information.

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