Sunday, July 25, 2010

Its Sunday evening, trying to kick back a little. Ran yesterday (five miles) in the incredible heat and humidity around 105. Also did a ton of work around the house finishing up the new rooms for the kids. Today I had a four hour work meeting for with The Ground Level, then another run and cycle at the Y.  Oh yeah, I biked last night with my wife and son. Maybe this is all too much, but I do love the activity. Keeping my weight and blood pressure under control. Just hope the phosphorous and potassium are OK. Just need a good nights rest without a sleeping pill that drags on the whole next day. When there is no kidney function, some medications just stay in your bloodstream to some degree until they either sweat or are really cleansed out during dialysis. In more simple terms, that sleeping pill I took for bed last night maintains its sluggish grip for the whole day. I'm looking forward to my weekly schedule and hope that my wife has a "smooth" week. The first of the week for both of us is always hectic, and a bit overwhelming.

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