Friday, July 16, 2010

Beginnings or endings

Starting this blog to be read by whom? don't know. Had dialysis this afternoon, ran three miles this morning. Sitting at the Ground Level Coffee house learning how to do the finer points of my new job. I'm glad my overall well-being is solid enough to carry on this schedule. Looking forward to starting mornings here within a week or two. Every week day 6-10. Should be, at the very least, good for a sense of value besides sitting around the house. I have been asked to blog about my life (Dialysis, running, family, etc) for the Kidney foundation and I am still thinking it over. For now I feel I need to keep my jacket zipped up and let the wind blow me from the back. Anyways I'm happy now, even though I'm always being pulled to what I don't have or feel I should experience. Lets let that go for now. 

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Barbara Lardinais said...

What I great idea. I'll enjoy following you.