Thursday, March 29, 2012

A few weeks back had an new transplant workout done at the Cleveland Clinic. At that time we needed to update some basic medical clearances in order that if and when a kidney becomes available I will be "ready" to go. The tests included a CT scan of my abdomen to see where everything is after a lifetime of surgeries, both kidney replacements and removals. A dental exam making sure no periodontal disease or other dental impairments are present. Also done was a test to see if my bladder, which has not been used in over six years, is functional and physically operational. I had this test done today. A bit unpleasant, catheter and filling a muscle that has shrunk from non-use over the past years, but at least it was short. It only took an hour to have the procedure done, and I got to watch the screen to see just what the Radiologist was viewing, in real time. I have always found it fun to participate in the tests I have been subjected to in my life. I even remember watching a fistula being put in when I was 12 years old. It was wild to see in the mirror above my head on the operating table my arm cut open and the veins and arteries tied together while I, properly numbed and sedated, but not asleep, everything going on while a radio with music played in the operating room. Funny memory. Dr. Fire something at the Clinic. He was cool.

I guess I have taken my participation and ownership in my own health for what it is worth.
Anyways with all the required tests done now I can now check off that list and go back to just dialysis and waiting.

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Alison Jane Hann said...

Congrats on getting through those tests. Now relax and enjoy your summer. Hopefully your call will come soon.