Sunday, March 18, 2012

It has been a weekend of warm weather, my son's basketball games, and some running. Even though the runs are still a bit difficult with my hemoglobin low, it has been getting easier. Since my little infection in late January I have dealt with some "readjustments" in my overall body balances. Everything is interconnected. Infection leads to low hemoglobin, low hemoglobin, leads to changes in the delicate balance with my meds that keep my blood pressure in line, and both of those lead to overall difficulty in my energy and workout regimens. Oh I forgot the treatment for any infection (bacteria) is to receive weeks worth of antibiotics. Antibiotics can also effect your overall hemoglobin and in some cases your GI tract.

Bottom line is that the last few days have found some getting back to normal for my entire system. While I have run six days a week since February, even with the compromises, It really has not been fun. Running with these issues makes it feel like I'm trying to run underwater, as I gasp and shuffle through three to four miles. I can still do it. But the work is greater. This week has found me receiving a bump in my epo amounts during dialysis, and an adjustments in my blood pressure meds, which also makes things better too.

The runs the past few weeks have found me remembering that it is the effort in the run is the only real measurement that matters, not the speed of the pace, or the time, or the distance. Work effort is work effort. Do what I can, and just keep moving and breathing. The success is in not quitting. Maybe just showing up ( and on time) in life can be the victory. I learned this from the example of my now passed away Grandfather Klapp, who always just showed up and did what he had to do, whatever that chore may be; taking care of my Grandmother, serving in World War II, and many many other life works.

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