Wednesday, June 27, 2012

By request a new entry. I've been told to blog by my wife. I've felt for a long time that nothing new happens. Not in a depressing way, more in an eternal wheel of reoccurence way. Since March, and my last entries my health and status has gone through the same cycles they have gone through at least a couple of dozen times since i started dialysis over seven years ago. Good then sick, hospital, coming back, and now renewed strength (running and biking everyday) and gratefulness. I feel, for me at least, that it has all been said before, and don't feel it is very interesting. But perhaps sharing more than just my little issues regarding my day to day with dialysis, waiting for a transplant, etc to expand to just the regular human things, and interactions with life would be good. If not necessarily a potential audience, but maybe just because I feel like writing it down. So with that in mind...

I love sitting on my patio at the crack of dawn having coffee hearing the first birds of the day, smelling the dewy air, and watching my cats explore their kingdom around the flowers and the grass. To see the life and amazement of it all puts me at peace and excited to be here. So waiting continues to be a good thing.

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