Thursday, May 5, 2011

One great spring afternoon can make up for even a couple of months lousy weather. Running at the park with its rolling hills, blooming trees and shrubs, blue sky, fresh scents, warmish breeze, sounds of birds and golfers out on the course made it one of those beautiful runs. I've had a few great runs lately, and its days like this that make it come together for those moments of joy.

I would run no matter what, and that is why I've continued to run at least five days a week for over 12 years now, but to be able to have your whole physical and mental states in sync with the environment is a special feeling that makes being a runner special. Its also makes the miles just easier, even when you are pushing it like I have the past five days with 5+ mile runs every time I've headed out. I realized a long time ago that the running log doesn't lead anywhere except to the next run, and the occasional "show run", which doesn't really matter any more than doing the same distance in the park by yourself on a perfect day like today.

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