Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its been a pretty good week as the infection from my freak arm injury has healed nicely, and dialysis has been a relative breeze. Since my ER visit 10 days ago I have run all but one day and have felt that everything is pretty good. My hemoglobin is hovering around 10 or 11 and breathing has been easy as well. I have had some good speed work, as my heart is catching up quickly to what I'm asking it to do. Also I'm on an easy streak with my renal diet and my fluid. When the heart and lungs work everything else is just so much easier to fall in line. It all works together. Except for the interruption in spring here in Midwest Ohio, have had some great outside runs last week, including a terrific bike/run day last Thursday, when it was really hot and humid before all the cold settled in.

I'll keep it a short post for now and come back to soon on a medical history entry, and other new stuff. I have my running stuff on for a workout in the next little bit. We will see if it is in or out?


Courtney & Debbie said...

Austin, glad that things are going okay and the infection cleared up. I hope that everything keeps getting better. Hope to see you while we are up there 6/30-7/9

Anonymous said...

Austin, I don't need to tell you to keep your chin up because you are always fighting the fight with your chin up! Holly