Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Since the last entry it seems like it has been one long day. Did have a wonderful dinner on Saturday with my wife at the Frog Leg Inn. Even though I really bent my renal diet restrictions, it was worth it because the food was out of this world and the atmosphere was inviting and cozy. Did a couple of challenging runs and a long ride over the weekend. Dialysis was a little tricky on Monday after eating and drinking all weekend, but we did raise my "dry" weight so the treatment wasn't too bad. By the way, dry weight is the goal weight after all excess fluid is taken out during the dialysis process, another way of explaining it is the fluid that builds up in the body, and bloodstream due to the kidneys not making urine. Anyways looks like all this working out is building some muscle mass, and weight. 

Anyways have to learn to pace myself, yesterday was nearly a 22 hour day. I feel i'm risking a sickness, even if its just a cold.  Like i've said before I am happy to be busy with the coffeehouse and all else, but need to know my limits.

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