Thursday, September 16, 2010

It just gets busier every day. Yesterday I had the Health Fair expo at Dana, after I had dialysis, where I represented the Kidney Foundation. We spoke to a few people but overall, kidney and kidney disease issues are very foreign to most people. After the Expo I caught up with my old law partner and our old secretary who is now a lawyer herself. It was nice to see them even though I don't miss the practice as it was now going on over five years ago. I realize how much healthier and happier I am not trying that stressful deal. I like the law, but practicing domestic and criminal stuff all the time can and does wear one down.  

After doing that the day got really busy with football practice, open house(s) at school, dinner, back to the shop for an hour, running to the sporting goods store for a mouthpiece, tons of homework, baths, and then late evening shopping at Krogers. Oh, forgot that I did a three mile run while my son was doing his bath. It was a long day 5:30 am to around midnight. I was busy and so was my wife. Going to bed was a real treat.

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