Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm sorry that its taken so long to get another post. I've been doing quite a bit.  Went out of town over the weekend for my anniversary. Beach time and fantastic food, as well as two great runs and some good company. Its always good to change your perspective even for just a little time. You are refreshed. My wife and i have convinced ourselves that next summer we are going to ride from our home in Sylvania, Ohio, to our cottage on Lake Michigan, Holland Michigan to be accurate. Stay up to date as we prepare and plan for this big trip. Knock on something because I'm still having good health as of now and I have been running and cycling almost every day. It is shallow of me, especially knowing and experiencing all the ups and downs I have had over m lifetime (health or otherwise), but its hard not to feel extra good mentally when your physical dimension is in proper alignment. To hang onto it would be a problem and I need to realize even with the good that "this to shall pass".

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