Tuesday, December 14, 2010

its been a long while since i've put anything on my blog. I guess I'm a bad blogger. Overall my dialysis and health has been good as of late. My mood has been down due to me not working. Having no where to go everyday can be a downer, but I've tried to redouble my efforts at being the best house husband I can be. With my wife working, in school, and just being mom and wife demands all that she can give, and she needs me to be more at home than ever. Even though it is an easy trap for my accomplishment oriented mind to fall into, being all I can be at home while taking care of my health is alot and I should be proud and satisfied with it. I'm still running six days, and my hemoglobin has been up which makes the runs fun. The blood numbers are good as well, and my weight from treatment to treatment has been really good, which makes dialysis that much easier. I've reflected on where I'm going with this all, dialysis, possible transplants, life in general. With no real answers I've really tried to relax and do what I need to do each to make my wife, the kids, and the dog (14 years old) and cat's needs come well before needs I can't quantify for myself, nor should I. Its enough to stop the compare and contrast for now.

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