Monday, November 1, 2010

Overall it was a very good weekend. Friday I worked in the morning and got home around 1:00. Since I had two hours until dialysis I did a classic "sweat run". I wore two layers of sweats, with a winter hat, and gloves, ran three miles, not worrying about speed, just moving without stopping. Did forty-four minutes (time more important than distance) and sweat out few pounds of fluid that doesn't need to be dealt with during dialysis. Makes it so much easier and going into a Friday weekend treatment that is nothing but nice. The less fluid to come off during treatment, that much easier treatment usually is. 

Saturday morning had a great run. Needed to do an early workout because my son had is last football game of his season and his mom and I were throwing a party for him and his teammates. Then off to a Halloween party that evening.

Sunday had nice lazy Sunday morning. We then took a couple of the kids to the Y for swimming while we ran and worked out. Another very good run, and felt great. I've been more disciplined about my intakes lately so workouts, and my overall feel has been good. Dialysis is just that much easier. 

I am keeping up on my vitamin regimen as well. Two of them are recommended by my doctor, two others, while not recommended have been blessed. All in all they are helpful and I am glad I have found there benefits this last year. 

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