Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its been a while since my last entry. My job situation has changed in the wake of the Groundlevel coffeehouse going out of business. It was very sad but not entirely unexspected. I had not been paid myself for the past month, even though my pay is below minimum. I was honestly just happy to have something I enjoyed doing and liked the customers I had grown fond of since I started. I worked very hard and tried to do everything I could to keep it going, but between the already built in problems of the shop, and my personal limits with my dialysis schedule there was just no more that I could do. Regardless I do feel bad, and sad that I can't work there anymore. 

I got my monthly lab work and all is pretty good. All the numbers are where they need to be, and those that are not can easily be fixed by refilling a prescription.  I have a slight cold, but nothing that has stopped me this week from running everyday. Good runs, with distance and power. It really is the only time recently I feel good about things.  I will be supplementing my entries with more on my past medical history soon. I know I've promised this before but by Saturday it will happen.

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