Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am, I believe a naturally vain person. Ironically it is difficult, however, to write about myself in this blog. I have felt for a while that I don't really have much of any importance to share. This perspective has driven me away from any regular postings. My life situation is such that the monotony of it all lures me into a sense of feeling that why would anyone care about it all.

That includes, of course the dialysis schedule. Three times a week for three hours each. The running and other physical fitness parts of my days. I do, and I have had to assure many, that no matter what, I still run six days a week, about 20-25 miles. The taking care of my family, the househusband I have become, and the other odds ad ends that I complete each week. I read quite a bit, recently finishing the novel Cloud Atlas, and beginning the Lincoln, Team of Rivals, book.

My wife has told me and my experiences have shown that this blog does seem to speak to many, who either are going through dialysis and kidney disease, or just the universal angst of life's difficult journey.  I do hope that my experiences and knowledge shared can find some home with others who are interested. Again, though, I emphasize, it is sometimes easier for me to just plow through than to share it all with others.

As of October 27, it has been eight years being on dialysis, and waiting for a transplant. In no way do these time markers depress me, so much as I find myself reviewing the period and saying, where does all the time go? My health, overall, has been steady and good. Little things pop up, emergency room visits, and being tired and worn out from the process are inevitable. I have realized that it all passes and I am where I started again, and again.

In the spirit of the promise I made to my wife, at least once a month I will endeavor to share, at least, my current state of health, both physical and mental. Having writing, even this, while my kitten has continued to force her way on to the keyboard, and my lap, has made me feel OK about writing in this venue again.

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